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Erin Cruz has been a resident of California  38 of 40 years, is an Author of the political and business communication book, Revolution America, Producer and Host of The Erin Cruz Show.

Mrs. Cruz is a Tea Party, Republican, and Constitutional Conservative, self touted as a "Conservatarian," which she describes as being a cross between Libertarian and a Conservative, with the ability to transcend traditional Party Lines. 

Now is our time to come together, to restore order, to crush corruption and Make California Golden Again

United By A Common Goal

America First, as put forth by the President of the United States, and grounded in the Founder's vision as outlined in the United States Constitution. 

Erin Cruz knows the value of being connected. She sees California needs new representation in the halls of Congress. That's why she is running for United States Senate. 

Mrs. Cruz has listened to you, been on the ground floor, networking. America First, Citizens First agenda must be supported, together lets clean up the mess lifetime politicians have made. 

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We can win this race and take back another US Senate Seat held by a life long politician garnering for their own interests. 

We can shift the focus to the will of the people, giving you a voice in Washington D.C. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our platform is being built as we speak. Please stay up to date and informed by signing up for our email list.

The FAQ below are just a few of the top items which I would seek constituent input on and move to resolve if elected to the US Senate. If you have suggestions or would like other items addressed please contact us via email.

The Dream Act

End The Dream Act, or DACA. No Amnesty. Americans and Legal immigrants must come first. Rule of Law is vital to a free nation. Screening of Illegal residents. Provisions  must be put in place protecting those children brought here under the  most dire circumstances for sex trafficking, child labor, and other  inhumane purposes. Many adults must be deported if working illegally,  are here with fraudulent papers, and if they knowingly stayed within the  United States illegally. As would be done in any civilized nation.

The Border Wall

Build The Wall: Work with the Senate to resolve and move the project forward in tandem with national immigration enforcement initiatives to help deter both narcotic and human trafficking, and illegal entry. This  would go hand in hand with addressing the Opiate crisis as it relates to  the border.

Immigration Reforms

Immigration Reform: Tighten the entry gap of recent years, and reduce  entry numbers across the board, including processing and expediting of H 1-B and J-1Visas and the lottery system.

The Second Amendment

Gun Rights Initiative: I will vote against any gun measure which  restrains law abiding citizens from legally procuring or owning  firearms, especially military veterans and retired law enforcement.  Proper laws for background checks are in place, review of those policies and initiatives should be done to ensure recent oversights which have cost lives are resolved and order is restored.

Finance and Budget Reform

Budget: While budgets start in the House of Representatives, both the  House and the Senate seem to continually push the deadline for the debt  ceiling. I would aim to help restore order to the process of common  sense reform and on time funding of the government. No more games.

Piggy Backing: End piggy backing of Legislation and pork. Deals and swaps for  legislation have become commonplace at the expense of the taxpayer. I  would aim to correct this.

CHIP: Address the funding issues that arose when Obama signed the  Affordable Care Act  into law, states like California let the federal  government subsidize the program and reallocated funds elsewhere. When  the ACA is gone, California will need to adjust its budget accordingly.  This transition must be handled with care so heavily burdened states  impoverished children can still receive care in the transition. While  this issue may be resolved prior to election, the issue will be long  standing as Health Care Reforms are adjusted over the next few years.

Press Releases

Revolution California Campaign Promotion 02/16/2018

Something Really Revolutionary is coming your way...... Be on the look out !! ..... 

Formal Announcement of Erin Cruz run for United States Senate 01/01/2018

Erin Cruz formally announced her run for United States Senate against Incumbent Dianne Feinstein. 

Erin Cruz Statement on Proposed Run for US Senate 12/26/2017:

Fake news is real get all of your info on my platform right here and listen to my radio show archives to learn about my stances. If you have questions, read our FAQ..

We NEED unity, division is not an option.


I have a heart for the nation. My lifetime home is in California.

I  am considering running for Congress, specifically the United States  Senate in representation of the State of California. Senator Dianne  Feinstein currently holds the seat for which I am considering to run. In  my consideration for running for United States Congress and I am  looking to see the support and backing received by those wanting to see a  blue state turn red.

It  was brought to my attention California has no solid GOP candidates  running in California for the U.S. Senate Seat Feinstein (D-CA)  currently holds.

While  many say it is a slim chance of a win I refuse to back down and watch  my state, one of the most powerful economies in the nation, get taken  over by those who are so willing to watch her erode. Many have thrown up  their hands about the state of California and the impact of the nation,  I have not.

If  you believe in the cause of me running and think I should do so, and  you would like to contribute to my exploratory endeavor, please  "contribute" below.

It  will take much more than money to win back my state and fight for the  Nation, I see it as worth it. Every last dime, every ounce of energy.



Being  involved in political and community activism, human rights causes, and  seeing the state of the nation, I hear more and more we need regular  people in Congress. Patriots, brave men and women who will listen to  constituents concerns and represent them in the halls of Congress. 

I  have no doubt many elites don't want a regular Joe or Jane in Congress,  it might ruin what they have going on. I assure you, I may not be the  best spoken, most well read, I surely am not an elite, but my dedication  to our nation, my desire to better the United States of America through  restoration, deregulation, reduced size and scope of government, is  second to none. If a run is in the making I will put my heart to what is  to be done, the people have been speaking up and the Democrats in power  in California, and the Politicians in DC are not listening. If I run,  that will change. I will be the People's Candidate. I will be the  People's Choice for a better and Stronger California. 

Our  families, our people need our help--need my help in Congress. This is  why I am exploring a solid run for US Congress 2018. I would be a  shining light in the deep dark swamp that is D.C..

I  have spoken my mind about Donald J. Trump as a possible General  Election candidate against those who laughed at me saying he couldn't do  it. He wouldn't make it. I also don't have a problem standing up to  insiders who wouldn't fund a seat, namely the seat for the district  Representative Maxine Waters currently holds, because it isn't worth  it--standing up to the insiders and good ole boys, it is not a problem  for me.  

It  isn't acceptable to shrug and give up on Congress, the United States,  and especially California. This is my home state. I was born here.  Millions here voted for Donald Trump in the General Election. Millions  here are fed up with the status quo and no one representing them and  their values in the state and in D.C..

Letting  the swamp and deep state keep control is not an option. It will take  many who do what is right and prudent, standing firm in the All American  values we all have come to know in our youth and hold dear to us and  those we love, to make the restoration possible.

We can not listen to the naysayers or those who say we can't. We must. If there is the support there for me to run, we will.

So  with this in mind, if you support a stronger Republican, Freedom based  California, if you support me running for U.S. Senate 2018, please show  that support below.

I believe we write our own History by living bravely in the present

Erin Cruz

Author of Revolution America

Candidate US SENATE 2018 (CA)

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