We have many endorsements and patriots NATION WIDE have endorsed Erin Cruz for U.S. Senate.   

Our current formal endorsements are:

Santa Barbara County Republican Party

Del Norte County Republican Party

American Independent Party

North County Conservatives

Southern California Silent Majority MAGA (OC)

  Lt. Col. "Buzz" Patterson, (USAF), Ret. 

From 1996 to 1998, Colonel Patterson was the Senior Military Aide  to President Bill Clinton. During that time he was responsible for the  President's Emergency Satchel, otherwise known as the "Nuclear  Football," the black bag with the nation's nuclear capability that  accompanies the president at all times. In addition, Colonel Patterson  was operational commander for all military units assigned to the White  House, which included Air Force One, Marine One, Camp David, White House  Transportation Agency and White House Mess. He is also a published author of New York Times best sellers, Dereliction of Duty:  The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's  National Security and Reckless Disregard: How Liberal Democrats Undercut  Our Military, Endanger Our Soldiers, and Jeopardize Our Security, and  War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy the Military and Lose the War  on Terror. His new book, "Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is  Endangering Our National Security."    

Paul A. Gutierrez, J.D., PMP, PMP-PM Executive Consultant

Marco Gutierrez
Co-Founder Latinos For Trump

Stelian Onufrei
Small Buisness Owner & Family Man

Sergeant Major Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr. (Ret)
Veteran, Husband & Father

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